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CISCO Certification

Exam code 010-151

USD 2500$ in one payment

Exam code 640-692

USD 2500$ in one payment

Exam Code: 200-301

USD 2000$ in one payment

Exam code 210-250 210-255

USD 2000$ in 2 payment

Exam code 350-901

Cncentration exam(choosen one)









USD 5000$ in 2 Payments

Exam code 350-401

Cncentration exam(choosen one)






USD 5000$ in 2 Payments

Exam code 350-601

Cncentration exam(choosen one)






USD 5000$ in 2 Payments

Exam code 350-701

Cncentration exam(choosen one)






USD 5000$ in 2 Payments

Exam code 350-701

Cncentration exam(choosen one)




USD 5000$ in 2 Payments

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Why Go For a CCNP Certification?

Cisco Systems Inc is a multinational company based in the Silicon Valley in America. The main goal of the company is to provide high-level networking solutions to businesses and its clients via their products and service offerings.

Cisco Systems provides a wide range of products such devices in the networking department like routers etc. They provide security related hardware devices for malware protection, and the list goes on with products like data management, customer services, cloud solutions, and much other software for different clients.

Cisco Certified-Network Professional Certifications

Cisco also provides products like professional certifications for those are looking forward to developing careers in the information technology industry. Cisco systems have created some professional certifications, and the Cisco CCNP is the one that is most sought-after by individuals. Cisco Certified-Network Professional is a certification offered by Cisco that is specially designed for those who are aiming at full times jobs in the fields of system administrators, network administrators, and local and wide area network administrators.

These certifications are very suitable for those who are already in the fields related to networking and information technology. People who have already completed their schooling in software engineering as well as computer science and have some experience in the network and support engineering departments will also find this certification quite resourceful. Indeed, this is one of the best certifications that will enhance your abilities, skills, and knowledge in your respective field, and enable you to excel rapidly.

Cisco Certified-Network Professional Salary

After completing the Cisco CCNP certification, there is bound to be healthy prospects in the job market for an individual and the beginning CCNP salary for new professional averages around 40,000 US Dollars according to the very recent surveys in America. With time and experience, the pay increases to over a hundred thousand US Dollars.

If you love your job in this field, then the CCNP certifications would definitely give you the kickstart, but it also goes a long way in opening bright career prospects even in later parts of your career. So in this field, the Cisco Certified-Network Professional certification is a must to make you stand out among the crowd.

Cisco Certified Design-Professional Certifications

The CCDP (Cisco Certified-Design Professional) certification offers the candidates expertise in designing networks in advance methods.

It basically focuses on the core concepts of network designs and focuses on architectural developments of networks so that they are made in the best way possible.

CCNP-Cloud, Collaboration & Data-Center Certifications

The Cisco Certified-Network Professional-Certificates are given in the different yet same departments of Cloud as well as Collaboration and Data Center.

They are basically three different certifications but come under the same umbrella of data management through networking and making decisions based on such methods for businesses.

CCNP Routing & Switching, and Security Certifications

These are two very important fields of work in the networking industry today as security is of utmost importance in the technologically advanced world that we live in today.

Both of these certifications focus on security in overall networks and troubleshooting errors when found. The CCNP Security Certification is basically used in handling routers, IPS, switches, and VPN solutions.

CCNP Wireless & Service Provider Certifications

The CCNP wireless certification is ideal for those individuals who are looking forward to having a career in designing wireless network products and solutions and focus on optimizing the performance of the already existing products installed.

The CCNP service provider certification is for those individuals who want to learn about new services related to network designs and provide customer support as and when needed.


The CCNA is an entry-level exam or certification which enables you to match the eligibility criteria for sitting in a CCNP Certification exam. Basically, it is a pre-requisite for the professional certification exams. These exams are not really hard, and passing them is not a hard task.

CCNP TSHOOT is the third exam in the CCNP R&S path. In this exam you have to demonstrate that you are capable to troubleshoot any of the protocols you faced in the CCNA and CCNP ROUTE / SWITCH material. These trainings will benefit you to become better at troubleshooting and you will discover the most shared issues for all protocol.

You should always be looking forward to achieving a professional certification instead of only the associate. Because when compared, the CCNP brings in a lot more rewards with itself in the long run.

CCNP Exams

The Cisco Certified-Network Professional Exams are just like normal exams that we have already been through. Mostly they last for an hour or two testing students on the subject relevant knowledge, and lab practical exams are usually of a higher duration.

The pricing of the exams is different for different certifications in different regions, but roughly one module costs around 300 US Dollars. So a full certification costs around a thousand 1000 US Dollars in most cases.

It is very much advisable to anyone out there who has a high interest in technology, networking, and its development than the Cisco CCNP Exam is something you should give a chance.

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